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Petrol in Diesel Nissan Juke London

Big, huge thanks to Andy who did the fuel drain thing on my Nissan Juke yesterday. My friends keep taking the mick as I was “having a panic like a bird” in their words! The car is running OK though so looks like the problem is solved with no negative effects. I hope I don’t put the wrong fuel in it again, but if I do I will give you a buzz. Thanks for the really professional and friendly service.

Ta muchly

Harry Dilnot, Wrong Fuel London, Nissan Juke Diesel

Wrong Fuel in Vauxhall Zafira Derby

Hello Luke, I would just like to pass on my thanks to you and the team for getting me out of the hole I dug for myself by putting the wrong fuel in my Vauxhall Zafira last night. Thank you for sorting out the problem so quickly, I managed to make my date on time so no red faces there. I will recommend to you to anyone else I come across in the same predicament.

Cheers Guys

Simon Hollis, Wrong Fuel Derby, Vauxhall Zafirs Diesel

Wrong Fuel Cannock

This is a message from Trudy from Cannock for Luke. I was driving the Ford Mondeo that broke down just down the road from the Shell Station in Cannock yesterday. I thought I should send on my thanks because I felt that your great service deserved to be recognised. I was in real trouble when my car broke down as I was blocking a busy junction. Luke was with me really quickly after I did an internet search and found the Fuel Medic website on my phone. Everything was sorted within 10 minutes and my car was off the road so that Luke could do the fuel drain which only took 20 minutes. No problems with the car since thankfully. Huge thanks again.

Trudy Hitchin, Wrong Fuel in Ford Mondeo, Cannock

Wrong Fuel in Car London

A message for Andy who did the fuel drain on my Audi A3 yesterday viagra sofort kaufen. Thanks very much for doing a great job. Customer service is obviously important to you and I was very impressed with the speed and confidence of the service. I felt a bit of a twit after putting petrol in my diesel Audi but was assured that it is commonplace. Very professional and friendly company, well done guys.

Kind Regards

Henry Smithwick, Wrong Fuel in Audi A3, London

Wrong fuel in Car Derby

Hello to the Wrong Fuel Doctor guys, this is Debbie from Derby here with the VW Golf that I put petrol into by accident yesterday. Luke came out to rescue us after my stupid mistake. I apologise for being a bit emotional but I really thought I’d killed my poor car! Luke was very reassuring and matter of fact. When the fuel drain was done I had calmed down a bit and I was so relieved when the car started OK! Your service is just brilliant, I didn’t even realise that your type of company existed until yesterday but I’m so glad you do! Well done and a great big Thank You!

Debbie, Wrong Fuel in VW Golf, Derby

Wrong Fuel Coventry Hyundai i40

Hello Fuel Medic

This note is from Carl Townshend, owner of the Hyundai i40 that you came out to last night viagra ohne rezept preise. Please give my grateful thanks to the engineer who came and saved us from our big disaster! My wife and I were concerned that filling up with unleaded petrol in our new diesel car could be a very expensive error of judgement. Thankfully, the car is running well with no bad effects. I will recommend you to my friends and family if they ever fill up with the wrong fuel.

Thank you once more.

Carl Townshend, Wrong fuel in Hyundai i40, Coventry

Wrong Fuel Vauxhall Astra Birmingham

Hi Luke,

Thanks very much indeed for your help this morning (this is Wanda with the Vauxhall Astra from Birmingham dropping you a quick line) and apologies for calling you out so early in the morning! We all got to work on time thanks to you, good job we were on the road early. Your help was much brilliant and very professional although I will never live it down because I was in such a mad panic after putting in the wrong fuel. Thankfully, my friend Robert saw what I was doing before I’d put more than a couple of litres in. Thanks again.

Wanda Dawkins, wrong fuel Birmingham, Vauxhall Astra

Wrong Fuel in Jaguar X Type Manchester

I thought I would drop a quick line to you guys at the Fuel Medic to let you know how grateful I am for your great service yesterday. I’m Steve with the X-type Jaguar in Manchester which I put petrol into viagra berlin. I love my car and I was angry with myself for being such a fool and putting petrol into it. The engineer who came out to me was brilliant and just got on with the job like it was an everyday occurrence (which it is for you I guess). All sorted in less than 40 minutes which went by in a bit of a blur as I think I was in panic mode! Your man asked me to send a quick message if anything didn’t seem right with the car but everything is good and we;ve been on a long run in it since with no problems. Thanks for all your help. Keep it up!


Steve Pighills, X-type Jaguar, Wrong Fuel Manchester

Wrong Fuel in Skoda Octavia Wolverhampton

Thank you for visiting my house this morning to sort out my Skoda Octavia. It wasn’t running too well after I put some petrol in it yesterday and I realised what I had done when I got home. Thankfully I had only put a couple of litres in before my holiday journey. Although I was angry with myself for wasting all that fuel at least the car is running and I don’t need a new one before I can go on holiday! Thank you for your wonderful service.

Lesley Savage, Skoda Octavia, Wrong Fuel Wolverhampton

Wrong Fuel in Mercedes Solihull

Hello. This is Surinder here, one of your mechanics helped me yesterday when I put petrol into my diesel Mercedes. I would like to say thank you to you all, the car is my mother’s and she would have been very angry if I had damaged it because of my silly error. I may have thrown away a tank of fuel but I would much rather have paid your bill and the petrol cost than buy a new engine for my mother’s car. Your service is brilliant and professional and I would recommend your company to others who have the same problem as me.

Thank you very much

Surinder Kaur, Mercedes C220 Diesel, Wrong Fuel Solihull

Wrong Fuel in car Manchester

Geoff here, the guy with the VW Passat from Manchester. Just a quick note to pass on my huge thanks to you for doing the fuel drain on my VW Passat 4 days ago. If you want to use this message as a testimonial for your site, please do, as you were so helpful and professional when you helped me the other day. I thought my Passat was for the scrap heap when it broke down and I was blocking the road as well causing a problem for other cars. It seems to be fine now although it wasn’t running great to begin with! It’s no worse, anyway. Thanks very much for your assistance and I will be sure to pass on your number if I know of anyone else who fills up with the wrong fuel! Cheers, Geoff.

Geoff Kenny, VW Passat, Wrong Fuel Manchester

Fuel Drain Gloucester

Excellent service, quick response completed fuel drain and flush within thirty minutes and Simon made me feel a lot better about my silly mistake after putting diesel in my petrol car in Gloucester last week.

10/10 your service is highly recommended.

Many Thanks

Anne N, Peugeot 107, Wrong Fuel Gloucester

Wrong Fuel Cheltenham

I would like to pass on my thanks to the Fuel Medic team who came out to carry out a fuel drain on my diesel Audi A3 when I put unleaded petrol into it yesterday. You were so fast and efficient and very polite and calming when I was having a panic. The car has been fine since and has been running well. I wanted to write and thank you because I was so impressed with the way you took control of the situation. My car was on a main road when it broke down and you sorted out the problem with impressive speed and efficiency. Thanks again.

Tina, Audi A3 – Wrong Fuel Cheltenham

Wrong fuel in Car Cannock

I just wanted to send a message to say thank you to your mechanic who came to me when I put the wrong fuel into my Jaguar X-type diesel last week. I put unleaded into it as I have always had unleaded cars before and I was just on autopilot. It’s the first time I’ve filled it up as well. I will pay more attention next time though. Your fast service was great as I still got home in time to pick up the kids which was a worry for me. The mechanic, Jordan, was very helpful and really nice to me when I was stressed out.

Kylie Lewis, Jaguar X-type Diesel, Wrong fuel Cannock

Wrong Fuel in car Coventry

Wonderful work Fuel Medic. Your service is second to none, not that I have much experience with your industry as that was the first time that I’ve put the wrong fuel in my VW Touran. It was great that the engineer got to me within 45 minutes this morning as Coventry was really busy and the garage was really busy too original viagra billig. I was on my way within half an hour as well because I only put in about 2 litres before I realised my mistake.

Well done!

Nigel, Wrong fuel in VW Touran, Coventry

Wrong fuel in car Gloucester

To the brilliant mechanics at Fuel Medic. This is a message from Norman Banks with the red Ford Kuga from Gloucester. I really thought that I had done for my Kuga and it’s only 2 months old, but the mechanic who I called out from you was great and assured me that it would be fine as I hadn’t driven it. One super quick fuel drain and flush through later and I am back on the road with no problems since. I have run the car for the last 5 days without a hitch so it looks like I didn’t do any lasting damage. Thanks ever so much for your excellent service. I will recommend you to others in the same predicament.

Kind Regards

Norman Banks, Ford Kuga Diesel, Wrong fuel Gloucester

Wrong Fuel in car Walsall

Thank you very much to the Fuel Medic technician who did the fuel drain on my VW Polo in Walsall yesterday night. I was about to call my local garage before I called you but the lady behind the counter at the petrol station gave me your card and I am very glad she did. I think the mechanic would have charged me a fortune to do what your technician did. It all seemed very complicated and I was pleased when the charge was so reasonable. All has been good with the car since. My husband says he won’t let me fill it up in the future but that’s fine with me! It’s not my favourite job.

Thanks very much Fuel Medic.

Juliette Z, Wrong Fuel in car Walsall, VW Polo

Petrol in Diesel Birmingham

Just a quick line folks, to say how grateful I am to your engineers who performed the fuel drain on my Ford Galaxy this morning. This is Vicky from Birmingham by the way (I’m sure you deal with plenty of these cases every day). Your engineers were brilliant this morning and managed to stop me from getting into a huge panic as this is my daughter’s car and I thought I would have pay for a new engine! No problems have been seen since and we have been driving about in it all day. I would thoroughly recommend your service to anyone who might need you.

Big Thank You from myself and my daughter

Vicky Dean, Petrol in Diesel Ford Galaxy, Birmingham

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