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Wrong Fuel in Ford Mondeo Birmingham

Hey Guys, This is Yatin here. Thanks ever so much for sorting out my wrong fuel problem earlier. I was the guy with the Ford Mondeo in Birmingham that your engineer came to at the crack of dawn this morning! (Sorry about getting you out of bed so early!) The car is running fine now so good job there, I’m so glad that I called you rather than getting fleeced by a dealer as I am sure I would have. Your engineer (Andy) was with me in 20 minutes and had me back on the road within the hour which was brilliant considering the low cost and the full tank that had to be drained. I will add you to my list of contacts in my phone just in case I am daft enough to do the same thing again or if I come across someone else who has!

Best Wishes

Yatin Singh, Wrong fuel in Ford Mondeo, Birmingham

Petrol in Diesel VW Golf Swindon

Hi, This is a message from Trudy Lewis, you did a fuel drain for me on my VW Golf in Swindon a couple of days ago. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to writing you a note but I just wanted to say how surprised and impressed I was with your company. The engineer who helped me was so relaxed and friendly and had great manners. I was worried sick that I had damaged my car engine badly by putting in the wrong fuel but he was very calming and also very efficient so I didn’t have too much time to worry before the problem was solved. His name was Simon and if you could pass on my personal thanks that would be brilliant. Your company is fantastic and if I can put in a good word for you somehow then I will be sure to do that.

Thank you again

Trudy Lewis, Petrol in diesel VW Golf, Swindon

Wrong fuel in Suzuki Swift diesel Birmingham

Just a quickie chaps – wrong fuel doctor is just the best. You guys were so awesome yesterday when you rescued me and my Suzuki Swift diesel in Birmingham. You got to me fast and had me back on the road before it even hit me what I had done. I’m sure if I had had time to dwell on it I would have been in a panic about needing a new engine or even a new car! I can’t tell you how glad I am that I called you. Brilliant. I will spread the word guys viagra bester preis.

Ta very much indeed.

Dylan Moriarty, Wrong fuel in Suzuki Swift diesel, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Dodge Caliber Stoke on Trent

Thank you so much for your assistance this morning with my Dodge Caliber after I put petrol in it instead of diesel. I don’t know what I must have been thinking, too bust daydreaming I think! Everything seems good now though thanks to your expertise and magic touch. I wanted to send a note to express my thanks and also my surprise at how low your charge was compared with what I was thinking I would have to pay for repairs or a new engine. You really saved my bacon there. Excellent service and I will be recommending your company if I find someone in need.

Best Regards

Stephen Dawson, Wrong fuel in Dodge Caliber diesel, Stoke on Trent

Wrong fuel in Skoda Yeti Gloucester

Hello Wrong Fuel Doctor – My name is Frank and you did the fuel drain on my Skoda Yeti a couple of days ago. It’s been running sweetly ever since with no smoke or explosions! Thanks for the hard work and thanks for the low charge too, I thought I would need some serious repairs and a few days in the workshop so I am so glad that I called you before the dealer.

Thanks a million

Frank Stewart, Wrong fuel in Skoda Yeti, Gloucester

Wrong fuel in Vauxhall Zafira Wolverhampton

Ta very much for the assistance earlier gents. My Vauxhall Zafira is running OK considering some twit put the wrong fuel in it (oh, was that me? Oops….) I have to mention Andy the engineer here as he deserves a medal for being fast, efficient and polite. A great combination for any service provider and more and more hard to find. So, well done! Your company is great and I will mention you to any other twits I come across.


Joss Kelley, Wrong Fuel in Vauxhall Zafira, Wolverhampton

Wrong fuel in Saab 9-5 diesel Gloucester

Well done team! My car has been rescued from the jaws of certain death my a brilliant mechanic called Andy! Sterling job done, quick and efficient and well mannered which is hard to find nowadays. My Saab 9-5 diesel is running smoothly again following its wrong fuel ordeal, in fact it’s better than ever considering the amount of miles it has on it. Thank you for all your assistance and keep it up.


Leon Douglas, Wrong fuel in Saab 9-5 diesel, Gloucester

Petrol in Diesel Kia Cee’d Birmingham

Thanks for doing the fuel drain today on my Kia Cee’d. I thought I’d be scrapping my poor old car as a repair job wouldn’t be worth it but I didn’t need to thanks to your mechanic chap, who was, I have to say, very pleasant. In fact, it’s his manner and professionalism that made me write this message as I thought such good service deserves a mention and a personal note of thanks. I will shout about you to my buddies and family. Best wrong fuel removers in Birmingham! Well done!


Kier Johnson, Wrong Fuel in Kia Cee’d Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Mini Cooper Diesel Oxford

Hi, I would just like to say how thankful I am that I called the Wrong Fuel Doctor out to my Mini Cooper Diesel when I put in the wrong fuel. You really managed to impress me on all fronts with your service, you were with me quickly, had all the professional equipment and uniform etc and the mechanic who did the fuel drain was kind and respectful. What a great company. I would use your company again, only I hope I don’t need to!

Big Thanks to you all.

Jessie Cox, Wrong Fuel in Mini Cooper Diesel, Oxford

Wrong Fuel in Range Rover Diesel Coventry

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are brilliant! My bosses Range Rover is not a write off and it’s thanks to you guys. I was properly scared this morning after I put the wrong fuel in it. The forecourt chap suggested that I call a wrong fuel removal company and I called you as you came up for wrong fuel Coventry. Boy am I glad I did! Your guy was fast and efficient and was really nice to me and reassuring. Brilliant service and brilliant company. You saved my job and my life!

Best Regards

Tina North, Wrong Fuel in Range Rover Diesel, Coventry

Wrong Fuel in Hyundai i35 diesel Birmingham

To the Wrong Fuel Doctor Team,

Thank you ever so much for fixing my wrong fuel issue with my Hyundai i35 yesterday. Your engineer was wonderful. He was prompt and pleasant and even though I felt like an idiot, he treated me like a human being and with great respect. Your customer service is second to none and is what prompted me to write this note. I will certainly recommend your company to friends and to the forecourt staff of the fuel stations that I use.

Many Thanks

Joel Hitchin, Wrong Fuel in Hyundai i35 diesel, Birmingham

Petrol in Diesel Kia Optima Birmingham

To the fuel medic – I would like to express my sincere thanks to your team for getting my Kia Optima back on the road yesterday. I thought I was in for a seriously expensive repair job there, but I called you and I am so glad that I did. One quick fuel drain and all is well with the car once more. It’s running just fine now and I’m not out of pocket. I will spread the word about your company to friends and family in case they need you. Your customer service and knowledge was absolutely awesome. Thank you very much indeed.

Best Regards

Lyle Beaumont, Petrol in Diesel Kia Optima, Birmingham

Wrong fuel VW Golf Northampton

Hi, this is a short email from Danny Morgan who you guys came out to this morning, I have the black VW Golf and I managed to put the wrong fuel in it in Northampton? Well, I just thought that I should send a message to say thank you once again for all your efforts to get me back on the road this morning. Hopefully, I won’t be silly enough to do it again but if I know of someone else who does, I will be sure to give them your number. Your service is brilliant, fast and efficient which was exactly what I needed this morning. Far cheaper than the breakdown assistance guys too!
Keep it up guys.


Danny Morgan, Wrong fuel in VW Golf Diesel, Northampton

Petrol in Diesel BMW 320D Walsall

Hi Andy – Thanks for the assistance with my BMW 320 Diesel. It’s running OK after I put the wrong fuel type in it on my way to work. I was only a bit late thanks to your speedy arrival and the boss didn’t mind too much as it’s a company car and it wasn’t wrecked like I thought it might be. The fuel drain has worked wonders and was far cheaper than a new engine too! I will be recommending your company to my work colleagues and family just in case they’re as dozy as I was!


Jimmy Fallon, Petrol in Diesel BMW 320D, Walsall

Wrong Fuel in Kia Sportage Birmingham

This is a short message for Jordan from Wrong Fuel Doctor – thanks for sorting my wrong fuel mistake on my Kia Sportage this morning viagra in der schweiz kaufen. Sorry I was such a mess – I was late getting the kids to school and I thought the car would have to be towed away to be fixed. The cup of tea was very generous and just what I needed to calm my poor nerves. The kids are still making fun of me! Excellent service – thanks again.

Best Regards

Kim Dortmund, Wrong Fuel in Kia Sportage, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in VW Passat Birmingham

Hi Wrong Fuel Doctor

This is just a short note to say thanks for your great service this morning on my VW Passat. I’ve never put the wrong fuel in it before and I’ve had it for seven years. I must have been day dreaming (again!). Anyway, all good now, thank heavens. I had a panic as I thought it would be time for a new engine so I’m so glad I called you and not the dealer, I’ve heard some horror stories about main dealers charging a fortune for repairs and it turns out that a simple fuel drain is all you need. Great customer service by the way, very professional.

Thanks again

Kevin Waterson, Wrong Fuel in VW Passat, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Ford Fiesta Oxford

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again for fixing my Ford Fiesta after I put the wrong fuel in it this morning. You guys are the best, you saved me a fortune that my breakdown service wanted to charge me and you were really quick. I was amazed at how quickly you got to me and sorted out the problem. No messing around, and your engineer really seemed concerned that I was OK and that he needed to fix the car fast. Brilliant attitude, courtesy and customer service. I will be recommending you guys to any one else in need of a fuel drain. Thanks a million!

Best Wishes

Gale Kidd, Wrong Fuel in Ford Fiesta, Oxford

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