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Wrong Fuel in diesel Volvo S60 Coventry

Hi There – it’s Danny from Coventry here just saying ta very much indeed to Andy who did the fuel drain on my Volvo S60 last night after my brain backfired and I put petrol in it instead of diesel like a total idiot. Thanks for not laughing although I guess your used to dealing with muppets? I’ll never live this one down in my house, even my kids are taking the mick! I had to say thanks though because of the hard work you put into getting me put right and back on the road amazingly quickly, your efficiency was truly impressive and felt like a valued customer. No pressure sales and an engineer with manners made me feel a bit better about the whole debacle! So, cheers for that!

Thanks very much

Danny Griffiths, Wrong Fuel in Volvo S60, Coventry

Wrong Fuel in Audi A3 Coventry

Hi Wrong Fuel Doctor – Thanks for the fast service last night after I put the wrong fuel in my Audi A3 (the black one) in Coventry. Your engineer was efficient and very polite and got the job done really quickly whilst being really respectful towards my car. The whole service as very professional but I didn’t feel pressured or hassled into paying. I know you guys are far cheaper than the AA or the RAC though and the main dealers are just out to fleece everyone anyway.

I will be recommending your service if I come across anyone else who needs you.

Best Regards

Jane Whitcombe, Wrong Fuel in Audi A3, Coventry

Wrong Fuel Birmingham in diesel Volvo V50

Thanks team for rescuing me from the depths of disaster this morning. I got into a real panic when I put petrol in my diesel Volvo V50, I thought my husband was going to go spare viagra ohne rezept kaufen auf rechnung. He’d heard about you from a friend and told me to phone you. Your engineer arrived less than 30 minutes later and I was back on the road 20 minutes after that. Now that’s what you call service. Clean van, smart engineer who was polite and informative. He told me all about the fuel drain process as he was doing it and reassured me that there would be no lasting damage done to the car engine. All round excellent job. Thank you so much.

Best Wishes

Kate Harlow, Wrong Fuel Birmingham in diesel Volvo V50

Petrol in Diesel Jaguar X Type Walsall

Hi Guys – Ken here from Walsall. Your engineer did the fuel drain on my X Type Jaguar earlier on after I put petrol into it instead of diesel like an idiot. It was a late night and an early morning, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Thanks for getting me out of the mire though. It’s just as well I was on the road early, thanks to your guys efficiency I wasn’t even late for work viagra online kaufen. That’s some system you have there. Even in rush hour he got to me within half an hour and had the job done in no time at all, I barely had time to finish my cup of tea! Excellent service, I was thoroughly impressed. I will keep your card handy in case of future early mornings!


Ken Orcroft, Petrol in Diesel Jaguar X-Type, Walsall

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