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Wrong Fuel in car Birmingham petrol in diesel Ford Kuga

To the team at Wrong Fuel Doctor

What an excellent service! You guys should be really proud of yourselves! I was really surprised at the level of customer service and care that I received after putting half a tank of petrol in my diesel Ford Kuga on the way home from the Ford Birmingham showroom. I couldn’t believe I’d done it and I felt like a complete muppet. I had a petrol Mondeo before and just picked up the petrol nozzle through force of habit I reckon. When I called the showroom they said they would have to tow the vehicle back and that it would take a few days to resolve the problem and also that it wouldn’t be cheap! While I was waiting I came across the Wrong Fuel Doctor website on my phone which seemed like a much better idea, so I cancelled with the main dealer guys and said I would sort the problem myself. I spoke to your guy who was very helpful and said he would be there ASAP. ASAP was about 20 minutes which was amazing in the Birmingham traffic. He must have been nearby or have a heavy right foot! Anyway, he was a very pleasant bloke in a smart uniform with a very pleasant manner. He spoke to me with respect and explained exactly what he was doing and what made up the service costs. You don’t see that kind of customer service very often anymore and I must admit that it made the whole situation much more tolerable. The car started up straight away when he’d finished and idled perfectly with no grumbles. It doesn’t seemed to have suffered any ill effects from my little mistake and has been running perfectly fine since. I will be recommending your excellent company if I know of anyone else in the same predicament.

Huge thank yous to all involved.

Steve Watson, Wrong fuel Birmingham, diesel Ford Kuga

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