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Wrong Fuel Warwick Petrol In Diesel Jeep Renegade

Hi Andy

Massive thanks to you and your team for all your help getting my Jeep back on the road again after my little disaster. I’ve only had it about 2 weeks and I had a petrol Range Rover before and was just so used to putting petrol in that I never gave it a second thought when I was refueling this thing. The engine in it is so amazingly quiet and doesn’t sound or feel like a diesel. It cost me a small fortune as well, so I was totally gutted when I realised I’d filled it with petrol. I thought it was new engine time or at least a week in the garage and a great big bill. I did a quick Wrong Fuel Warwick phone search on Google while waiting for the RAC to get back to me and I found you on there. There were a lot of people saying very nice things about your company and the fuel drain thing so I thought that I would give it a go. Best decision ever! Half an hour later you arrived and 15 minutes after that we’re starting up the engine which ran as if nothing had happened. The RAC were going to send out a low loader and drag the Jeep to the nearest garage in Warwick. I told them where to put that idea! I have to say that I was really surprised how good your service was from the response time to the cost and customer service. Everything was spot on and I will definitely keep your info to hand to pass on, if possible. Hopefully it won’t be me that needs you next time! Lesson learned I think!


Chris Buckingham, Wrong Fuel Warwick, diesel Jeep Renegade

Wrong Fuel Walsall petrol in diesel Ford S-Max

Hi Simon

This a quick review from Lindsey Adamson (black Ford S-Max). You saved the day when I put the wrong fuel in my car while I was in Walsall a couple of days ago.

I would highly recommend Wrong Fuel Doctor if you have accidentally put in the wrong fuel like I did. I put a full tank of petrol into my diesel Ford S-Max and then tried to start and drive it. Not surprisingly it wouldn’t go and I didn’t realise until the forecourt attendant told me that I had bought 50 litres of unleaded petrol. I’m sure I would have gone into panic meltdown as the car is my friends and is only about 6 months old. My own car is a petrol Fiat Punto and I was only borrowing the S-Max because I was taking a group of kids (including mine) to the swimming pool. The only thing that stopped my panic was the fact that the forecourt lady told me that she had some business cards from a local fuel drain company. I didn’t even know what a fuel drain company was but I’m so glad that you are out there! I called up and said what had happened and then Simon was there in a flash. Sparkling van, smart uniform, big smile and lovely attitude. Simon was really polite and kind. He got on with the job and had that done very quickly indeed, even though I’d filled the S-Max up to the brim. Simon flushed the fuel system and cleaned it all up and then the car started up straight away with no hiccups or hassle. I was very impressed with all aspects of the service, I was expecting a major headache but that wasn’t the case at all with Wrong Fuel Doctor. Everything was sorted quickly and to a high standard. They are definitely the company to use after you’ve put in the wrong fuel.

Hope this is OK, Simon, and thanks very much indeed for your assistance.

Lindsey Adamson, wrong fuel Walsall, petrol in diesel Ford S-Max

Wrong Fuel Wolverhampton petrol in diesel Seat Ibiza

Dear Wrong Fuel Doctor team

My sincere thanks for helping me earlier. I couldn’t believe it when I realised I’d put petrol in my little Ibiza instead of diesel. I felt a right twit having to phone you guys for help but I’m glad I did, as the service was amazing. I’d heard a few horror stories about fuel drain companies including that one from the Watchdog programme on TV not so long ago. I was really wary but all the nice reviews on your site and on Google swung me and made me feel a bit more confident in phoning you guys. I think I spoke to Andy on the phone and he was really cool. No pressure sales or sarky remarks. He just gave me a price and asked me if I was OK with it. I was, because I had phoned the AA first and they gave me some ridiculous price and then told me I’d have to wait for a few hours as they had no-one near Wolverhampton to help! Might have to think twice about renewing with them. Your engineer was there in super fast time. I don’t think it was even half an hour since I had called. He was a really nice chap and he chatted away to me and explained all about the fuel drain process and all about the best garages in Wolverhampton too, as he knew the area quite well. The job was done to a high standard and also done really quickly. The customer service was top notch and I will definitely be letting others know that they should use you if they put in the wrong fuel. You managed to turn what I thought would be a major problem into a minor hassle which didn’t end up costing me anywhere near what I thought it might.

Well done guys and thank you very much,

Donna Weston, wrong fuel Wolverhampton, petrol in diesel Seat Ibiza

Wrong Fuel Liverpool petrol in diesel Vauxhall Corsa

Hi Wrong Fuel Doctor team

Just a quick message from Dee in Liverpool. Jay came and removed the wrong fuel from my Vauxhall Corsa when I was driving through Liverpool city centre a couple of days ago. Sorry it’s taken me this long to send a thank you message but I have been really busy and wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for Jay’s excellent service. I stupidly filled up the whole tank of my Corsa with petrol because I was having a dumb moment and before I knew it I’d put in £50 of the wrong fuel. How embarrassed was I? It didn’t think I could be that dumb, but there we are! I felt such an idiot calling up the Wrong Fuel Doctor but I spoke to Jay and he reassured me that it was a fairly easy fix and it was a really common thing that happened all the time. I must admit that I didn’t know about mobile fuel tank drain services but then I’ve never needed one before. I called Wrong Fuel Doctor because I liked the professional website and the fact that there were so many lovely comments on there from previous customers, I felt like I’d called the right company and Jay was really nice on the phone too, so that was comforting. Jay was there in about 20 minutes and he was really pleasant. Nice manners and friendly chat. He obviously knew exactly what he was doing and got straight on with the job. He was even nice to my car even though it’s only an 8 year old Corsa with 120,000 miles on the clock! The service cost was a lot less than I was expecting too. At first I thought I would probably have to scrap the car if the engine was done for, but Jay assured me that a fuel drain would be enough to get it back on the road again. Sure enough, about 25 mins later he managed to get it to start and it sounded fine. He followed me down the road for a test drive and just checked everything was OK after about 2 or 3 miles as all of dash warning lights were flashing. He fixed that and then he was off. My little Corsa has been running as normal over the last couple of days with no bad after effects, so all good there.

Super service and smashing technician who is a credit to Wrong Fuel Doctor. Highly recommended.

All the very best

Dee Moody, wrong fuel Liverpool, petrol in diesel Vauxhall Corsa

Wrong Fuel Derby petrol in diesel Renault Kadjar

Dear Wrong Fuel Doctor Team

Thank you, thank you, thank you and, once again, thank you. I don’t know what I would have done without your help this morning. I was in a major pickle earlier after putting in the wrong fuel and I was panicking about what to do. Fortunately, I had my phone on me and there was some charge in it for once! I was on a pretty secluded road when I broke down and would have had to walk a couple of miles to get to a phone. I didn’t notice when I put in the petrol as my car had about a quarter of a tank of diesel and started up on the forecourt as normal. It got progressively more grumpy as I drove down the road, though, and then conked out altogether in the middle of a country road. Thank the heavens it was light! I dread to think what that would have been like at night! I found the Wrong Fuel Doctor on my phone and that seemed like an appropriate service for my poor sick car. I spoke to a lovely chap called Andy when I called and he was very reassuring. He put me on the priority list as I was blocking the road and came out himself to me about 45 minutes later, which was fast considering where I was. He put out his cones and got to work with the fuel drain whilst chatting away to me. I went from really panicky and scared to laughing and joking with a very nice man, he took all the stress out of the situation without even trying. Excellent manners and very professional too. The van was spotless as was all the equipment which didn’t look as if it had ever been used all though I’m sure it has! I felt really happy with the service and when the car started first time it was such a relief. I had the whole fuel drain and system flush service as the car had been running with a petrol/diesel mix in its tank but I was so surprised at how little the whole service cost. It was all so easy and hassle-free. You deserve a sparkling review and I hope everyone in the same spot as me can find you. I’ll pass on my praises if I know of anyone else who puts in the wrong fuel in Derby. I have heard a few of my friends mention it so as Andy says, it’s certainly not uncommon by the sounds of things.

Huge thanks once more and all the best with your business for the future.

Amelia Short, wrong fuel Derby, petrol in diesel Renault Kadjar

Wrong Fuel Coventry diesel Dacia Duster

An excellent night out with friends could have ended in a disaster and been much more expensive had it not been for the team at ‘Wrong Fuel Doctor’. We had stopped on the way to our restaurant (before having a drink !) to add £20 of Fuel and drove a further 5 miles to the restaurant. I started the car to drive away with an unusual sound from the engine. Stopped the car at the side of the road and realised we had put petrol in instead of diesel. We initially called the RAC who said they would respond as soon as they could and that we would receive a call when a responder had been allocated. No return call within 1/2 hour led us to calling the Wrong Fuel Doctor team. What an amazingly quick response! They arrived within 1/2 hr. Faisal from the Team was extremely polite, courteous and reassured us that he could get us on our way and not to be embarrassed as it is such a common situation. Having siphoned the petrol out, added in the diesel and additive, we headed towards the forecourt to add more fuel. Faisal, the gentleman that he was, followed us to the forecourt and waited for us to fill and re-start the car. He then followed us for a few miles to check we were all OK. Bearing in mind that we have since learnt that the RAC would have recovered us to home only and, if they could have, would have charged us double and then to add insult to injury we didn’t even receive a call back until we arrived home, anyway!!! Thanks to Faisal who is a great example and an ambassador for the team, ensuring the evening wasn’t spoiled despite the initial heartache. We have no hesitation in recommending the team and, for us, Faisal was the 4th Emergency Service. Appreciation and Thanks.

Lin Davies, Wrong Fuel Coventry, diesel Dacia Duster

Wrong Fuel in car Birmingham petrol in diesel Ford Kuga

To the team at Wrong Fuel Doctor

What an excellent service! You guys should be really proud of yourselves! I was really surprised at the level of customer service and care that I received after putting half a tank of petrol in my diesel Ford Kuga on the way home from the Ford Birmingham showroom. I couldn’t believe I’d done it and I felt like a complete muppet. I had a petrol Mondeo before and just picked up the petrol nozzle through force of habit I reckon. When I called the showroom they said they would have to tow the vehicle back and that it would take a few days to resolve the problem and also that it wouldn’t be cheap! While I was waiting I came across the Wrong Fuel Doctor website on my phone which seemed like a much better idea, so I cancelled with the main dealer guys and said I would sort the problem myself. I spoke to your guy who was very helpful and said he would be there ASAP. ASAP was about 20 minutes which was amazing in the Birmingham traffic. He must have been nearby or have a heavy right foot! Anyway, he was a very pleasant bloke in a smart uniform with a very pleasant manner. He spoke to me with respect and explained exactly what he was doing and what made up the service costs. You don’t see that kind of customer service very often anymore and I must admit that it made the whole situation much more tolerable. The car started up straight away when he’d finished and idled perfectly with no grumbles. It doesn’t seemed to have suffered any ill effects from my little mistake and has been running perfectly fine since. I will be recommending your excellent company if I know of anyone else in the same predicament.

Huge thank yous to all involved.

Steve Watson, Wrong fuel Birmingham, diesel Ford Kuga

Wrong Fuel in diesel Volvo S60 Coventry

Hi There – it’s Danny from Coventry here just saying ta very much indeed to Andy who did the fuel drain on my Volvo S60 last night after my brain backfired and I put petrol in it instead of diesel like a total idiot. Thanks for not laughing although I guess your used to dealing with muppets? I’ll never live this one down in my house, even my kids are taking the mick! I had to say thanks though because of the hard work you put into getting me put right and back on the road amazingly quickly, your efficiency was truly impressive and felt like a valued customer. No pressure sales and an engineer with manners made me feel a bit better about the whole debacle! So, cheers for that!

Thanks very much

Danny Griffiths, Wrong Fuel in Volvo S60, Coventry

Wrong Fuel in Audi A3 Coventry

Hi Wrong Fuel Doctor – Thanks for the fast service last night after I put the wrong fuel in my Audi A3 (the black one) in Coventry. Your engineer was efficient and very polite and got the job done really quickly whilst being really respectful towards my car. The whole service as very professional but I didn’t feel pressured or hassled into paying. I know you guys are far cheaper than the AA or the RAC though and the main dealers are just out to fleece everyone anyway.

I will be recommending your service if I come across anyone else who needs you.

Best Regards

Jane Whitcombe, Wrong Fuel in Audi A3, Coventry

Wrong Fuel Birmingham in diesel Volvo V50

Thanks team for rescuing me from the depths of disaster this morning. I got into a real panic when I put petrol in my diesel Volvo V50, I thought my husband was going to go spare viagra ohne rezept kaufen auf rechnung. He’d heard about you from a friend and told me to phone you. Your engineer arrived less than 30 minutes later and I was back on the road 20 minutes after that. Now that’s what you call service. Clean van, smart engineer who was polite and informative. He told me all about the fuel drain process as he was doing it and reassured me that there would be no lasting damage done to the car engine. All round excellent job. Thank you so much.

Best Wishes

Kate Harlow, Wrong Fuel Birmingham in diesel Volvo V50

Petrol in Diesel Jaguar X Type Walsall

Hi Guys – Ken here from Walsall. Your engineer did the fuel drain on my X Type Jaguar earlier on after I put petrol into it instead of diesel like an idiot. It was a late night and an early morning, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Thanks for getting me out of the mire though. It’s just as well I was on the road early, thanks to your guys efficiency I wasn’t even late for work viagra online kaufen. That’s some system you have there. Even in rush hour he got to me within half an hour and had the job done in no time at all, I barely had time to finish my cup of tea! Excellent service, I was thoroughly impressed. I will keep your card handy in case of future early mornings!


Ken Orcroft, Petrol in Diesel Jaguar X-Type, Walsall

Wrong Fuel in BMW 523 Diesel Bristol

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again! Simon did an amazing job on my BMW 523 diesel after I put petrol in it this morning. I thought that I should let you know that your service was great in all respects from the first call to the small charge which was much lower than I was expecting for an emergency service and I’d filled the car right up to the top too! (It was a shame to have to lose all the fuel but better that than lose the car engine!)

I’ll spread the word about how brilliant you lot are and hopefully get you some business, although I wouldn’t wish the experience of realising that you’ve put in the wrong fuel on anyone, I was mortified until Simon put me in the picture and told me that it wasn’t too much of an issue. Problem solved now anyway and all is well with the car.

Thanks ever so much

Helen Miskelly, Wrong Fuel in BMW 523 diesel, Nottingham

Wrong Fuel in Honda Civic Nottingham

Thanks guys for the great job. I’ll put the word out there amongst my friends and family if anyone is as daft as me and puts in the wrong fuel! My little Civic is running brilliantly now with no bad after effects of me filling it up with petrol instead of diesel. My excuse is that it’s new to me and I’ve been used to driving petrol cars before so I automatically reached for the petrol nozzle as I was in a rush and wasn’t concentrating. The thing that made me keen to send a message was how respectful and helpful the mechanic was who did the job. He let me use his phone to call the school and my husband to arrange for my little boy to be picked up so that he wasn’t stranded at school and he made sure that I was OK because I was a bit upset when I realised what I had done to my car. I thought it would be really seriously damaged. The fuel drain sorted it out though and we’re motoring on.

Huge thank you to all the team at the Wrong Fuel Doctor


Kerry-Ann Lewis, Wrong Fuel in Honda Civic, Nottingham

Wrong Fuel in Kia Optima Coventry

Hello. This is a quick message for Jordan who helped me with my black Kia Optima yesterday when I put the wrong fuel type in it – petrol instead of diesel. I thought that I should drop you a line to let you know how impressed I was with the service overall. The call out was fast and the job was done quickly with no fuss and no mess, from my call to getting me going again took less than an hour which is brilliant considering that it was rush hour. I certainly won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone and I’d like to wish you all the best with the business. I was amazed at how many people put in the wrong fuel every day and I didn’t feel so much of a fool when I found out.

Best Wishes

Gerard Connelly, Wrong Fuel in Kia Optima, Coventry

Wrong Fuel in Audi A4 Birmingham


Petrol in Diesel Ford Fiesta Coventry

Hi Team, Thanks for the assistance with my car earlier and sorry for calling you out so early in the morning. I was at my wits end when I put in the wrong fuel and I thought my poor Fiesta was finally dead but it seems to have a new lease of life now. Whatever the fuel drain did has made it run better than ever so Ta for that! My Dad was a bit miffed at having to pay for my little mistake but he was surprised at how cheap it was. I think he’s relieved that he doesn’t need to get me a new engine or something like that! I’ve told all my buddies about you in case they need a fuel drain but most of them have petrol cars and your engineer said that most of your work was on diesel cars but you never know, I know some pretty daft people! Thanks once again – your service was brilliant viagra ohne rezept niederlande.

Jenny Gould, Petrol in Diesel Ford Fiesta, Coventry

Petrol in Diesel BMW 320 Birmingham

Hello Andy, This is Michael Leitch here from Birmingham. You removed the petrol from my diesel BMW 320 yesterday and asked me to get in touch with you to let you know that all is OK. You’ll be glad to know that the car is running just fine. I was a bit worried about it as it has such a high mileage but it’s running more smoothly than ever so I actually think you did it some good with the fuel drain and flush through. I’d like to say a big thank you for the rescue and the very quick service too. I was only a bit late for my meeting but that was OK because so was my client, although not because she was daft enough to put in the wrong fuel:)

Thanks very much for all your help and please say thank you to your team as well for providing such a great service.

Many Thanks

Michael Leitch, Petrol in Diesel BMW 320, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Landrover Freelander Nottingham

Thanks Wrong Fuel Doctor for doing the fuel drain on my Freelander yesterday after I put the wrong fuel in it. I felt like a bit of an idiot but your engineer was so pleasant and cheerful that the stress just melted away like it wasn’t a big deal. I suppose you deal with lots of idiots during your day though! The service was really good, great job and great customer friendliness and I didn’t have to pay the RAC their massive fee either which was a close thing as I almost called them first before doing an internet search and finding you guys. The car is OK and my hubby is happy so all is good with the world. Well done! I’ll spread the word.

Thanks Again

Alison May, Wrong Fuel in Landrover Freelander, Nottingham

Petrol in diesel Vauxhall Insignia Oxford

Just a quick line guys to say how very grateful I am for your help today. This is Stacey from Oxford here, I put petrol in my diesel Vauxhall Insignia at the Shell station and I don’t know what I would have done without you. I didn’t even know that there were companies out there doing fuel drains and I thought I was in for a big garage bill or something. Thank heavens for Google and for Wrong Fuel Doctor! The car is running perfectly and the panic is over. I will be telling my friends about you (only the ones that won’t laugh at me for being such a muppet though!)

All the Best

Stacey Bennet, Petrol in diesel Vauxhall Insignia, Oxford

Wrong Fuel in Skoda Octavia Diesel Gloucester

Thank you so much to Andy who rescued me from Gloucester Town Centre this morning (sorry it was so early). I was the chap with the black Skoda Octavia diesel that I put unleaded into (like a twit). I felt a bit of a prat but Andy was so pleasant and matter-of-fact about the whole thing that I didn’t feel bad for long. It was very reassuring to learn that there would be no long term damage or expensive fixes after my daft mistake. I was really impressed with the efficiency and thoroughness of the service from the first call to paying the low fee and I felt that you guys deserved a thank you in writing as good companies are few and far between when it comes to things mechanical (I’ve had a few bad experiences lately with main dealers). Please use my comments as a testimonial for others if you like.

Yours Gratefully,

Kieran Sumner, Wrong Fuel in Skoda Octavia, Gloucester

Wrong Fuel in Renault Clio Bristol

Hi There, This is a message from Lucy Allen, I put the wrong fuel in my Renault Clio and your engineer came to my house to do the fuel drain earlier on. I just wanted to say thank you in writing for the great service and lovely customer service too. I wish I hadn’t paid for the tow truck to get my car home as the fuel drain charge was so small but I didn’t even know about fuel drain services until I did some Google research. If I know of anyone else in the same predicament as me, I will be sure to pass on your details. The car is now running just fine by the way and seems to be better than it was before the petrol was put into it! Thank you once again.

Lucy Allen, Wrong Fuel in Renault Clio diesel, Bristol

Wrong Fuel in VW Golf Birmingham

Dear Fuel Medic

Thank you so much for saving me and my VW Golf in Birmingham yesterday. I don’t know what made me put in the wrong fuel but it was a bit of a shock. I am grateful to the forecourt staff member who gave me your number to call as I was sure it would have to be an insurance job or very expensive garage repair to sort it out. One simple fuel drain later and the problem was gone. I didn’t even know about the wrong fuel removal industry, I suppose because I never needed it until yesterday. I am very glad that you exist! I was also very pleased with how courteous and respectful your mechanic was when I was in a big panic, he was very calming and helped to soothe my nerves!

Brilliant service and brilliant company. Please use me as a “happy customer” testimonial.


Leon Morris, Wrong Fuel in VW Golf, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Ford Mondeo Derby


I just wanted to write a quick note to say how much I appreciated your assistance this morning with my Ford Mondeo after I put in the wrong fuel in Derby. Your engineer was out to me quickly and was very professional and reassuring following my calamity. I was so relieved that the problem was solved so cheaply as well, as I have only just bought the car and funds are running low!

I can’t thank you enough for rescuing me and I would highly recommend your company to anyone who needs your service viagra 100mg ohne rezept.

Many Thanks

Jenny Rymond, Wrong Fuel in Ford Mondeo, Derby

Wrong fuel in Mercedes C220 diesel Birmingham

Hi Jordan, Thank you once again for saving the day this morning when I put the wrong fuel in my Mercedes C220 diesel. Your speed and efficient were very much appreciated in getting me back on the road again, I was only a little bit late for work so the boss wasn’t too upset! The engine seems to be OK, no strange noises or clouds of smoke anyway, which is positive. I thought I was in for an expensive job to get it fixed but you really surprised me with your low charge for the work, it was a huge relief to get the problem solved so cheaply. You have a great team and a great company and I will recommend your services wherever I can.

Thank you very much

Oliver Hayes, Wrong Fuel in Mercedes C220 diesel

Wrong fuel in Alfa Romeo 159 diesel Luton

This is a quick note from Leon in Luton, your team solved my problem when I put the wrong fuel into my Alfa Romeo 159 in Luton town centre a couple of days ago. Thanks very much for the rapid fuel drain service and the brilliant customer service too. It’s rare to come across a company that treats their customers so respectfully, it was really refreshing to see. I’ll put in a good word where I can if it will help someone else out and put some business your way.

Many Thanks Again

Leon Morris, Wrong Fuel in Alfa Romeo 159 Diesel, Luton

Wrong Fuel in BMW 118 diesel Birmingham

Hi Wrong Fuel Medics – Please could you pass on my huge thanks to Andy who removed the wrong fuel from my BMW 118 diesel in Birmingham the other day? My name is Sam and it was a blue car but I’m sure you deal with loads of cars every day. Andy’s courtesy and skill were very impressive and the speed of the service and customer care was just brilliant. I hope I don’t need you again as it was a bit of a trauma for me and my poor car but if I meet somebody who needs your service I will tell them to search for you on Google. The car has been great ever since which was a great relief for me as it cost me an arm and a leg to buy it and it is my pride and joy.

Thanks for the great service.

All the best,

Samantha Warren, Wrong Fuel in BMW 118 diesel, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Landrover Freelander Diesel Bristol

Hello Simon, it’s David from Bristol here with a quick message to say thanks for getting me out of the proverbial this morning. As you know, the freelander was a hire car that I put the wrong fuel into and I was having a panic that the insurance wouldn’t cover me and I’d be buying them a new engine. I can’t explain how relieved I was when you did the fuel drain and then got the car started again. It has been running fine ever since as well so the hire company won’t ever know! If I can return the favour by sending you some more business in the future then I will, I’ll keep my eye out for other motorists who have done the same thing as me and I will pass on your details.

Please feel free to use my name as a reference if you need it, I would be more than happy to sing your praises.


David Whelan, Wrong Fuel in Landrover Freelander Diesel, Bristol

Wrong Fuel in Renault Clio Derby

To The Wrong Fuel Doctor

Thank you so much for the brilliant service yesterday when you did the fuel drain on my Renault Clio in Derby after I put in the wrong fuel type for it. I was so angry with myself as I have done it once before and I was so sure that I wouldn’t be as daft again. I have another car which is petrol and I drive that one more often. Last time I paid a mechanic a small fortune to remove a few litres of petrol from the same car so I was pleasantly surprised at how cheap you were and a bit miffed with the previous mechanic. I will keep your card handy in case it’s third time unlucky for me or if I come across anyone else in the same pickle.

Thank you for your hard work and brilliant service.

Vince Hughes, Wrong Fuel Renault Clio, Derby

Wrong fuel in Vauxhall Astra Coventry

Good Evening Wrong Fuel Doctor Team, this is James Rankin from Coventry here just dropping you a quick line to convey my thanks to the team for helping me today with my wrong fuel disaster. No problems with the car since and my wife hasn’t noticed anything untoward with her nice new car. Thank you also for being so quick in getting to me and in getting the job done. I think my wife would have had kittens if I’d asked her to come and fetch me in my old banger! I thought I was on the cards for a huge bill to fix the Astra and you’re charge surprised me, so I’m not out of pocket or out of favour with my other half!

Much Appreciated.


James Rankin, Wrong fuel in Vauxhall Astra, Coventry

Wrong fuel in Ford Fiesta Bristol

Thank you so much to everyone at the wrong fuel doctor! Your receptionist was lovely and your engineer was also a super nice guy who was so courteous and reassuring. I was really miserable this morning and angry with myself for being so silly in putting petrol in my Ford Fiesta instead of diesel but the problem just went away as soon as the engineer arrived and did the fuel drain. I’m sure you saved me a fortune over what the RAC would have charged me or my local mechanic (who’s always expensive anyway), and you saved my car! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your brilliant service and I shall make sure to let everyone I know with a diesel car, about your company.

Huge Thanks to you all.

Karen Martin, Wrong fuel in Ford Fiesta, Bristol

Wrong Fuel in Ford Mondeo Birmingham

Hey Guys, This is Yatin here. Thanks ever so much for sorting out my wrong fuel problem earlier. I was the guy with the Ford Mondeo in Birmingham that your engineer came to at the crack of dawn this morning! (Sorry about getting you out of bed so early!) The car is running fine now so good job there, I’m so glad that I called you rather than getting fleeced by a dealer as I am sure I would have. Your engineer (Andy) was with me in 20 minutes and had me back on the road within the hour which was brilliant considering the low cost and the full tank that had to be drained. I will add you to my list of contacts in my phone just in case I am daft enough to do the same thing again or if I come across someone else who has!

Best Wishes

Yatin Singh, Wrong fuel in Ford Mondeo, Birmingham

Petrol in Diesel VW Golf Swindon

Hi, This is a message from Trudy Lewis, you did a fuel drain for me on my VW Golf in Swindon a couple of days ago. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to writing you a note but I just wanted to say how surprised and impressed I was with your company. The engineer who helped me was so relaxed and friendly and had great manners. I was worried sick that I had damaged my car engine badly by putting in the wrong fuel but he was very calming and also very efficient so I didn’t have too much time to worry before the problem was solved. His name was Simon and if you could pass on my personal thanks that would be brilliant. Your company is fantastic and if I can put in a good word for you somehow then I will be sure to do that.

Thank you again

Trudy Lewis, Petrol in diesel VW Golf, Swindon

Wrong fuel in Suzuki Swift diesel Birmingham

Just a quickie chaps – wrong fuel doctor is just the best. You guys were so awesome yesterday when you rescued me and my Suzuki Swift diesel in Birmingham. You got to me fast and had me back on the road before it even hit me what I had done. I’m sure if I had had time to dwell on it I would have been in a panic about needing a new engine or even a new car! I can’t tell you how glad I am that I called you. Brilliant. I will spread the word guys viagra bester preis.

Ta very much indeed.

Dylan Moriarty, Wrong fuel in Suzuki Swift diesel, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Dodge Caliber Stoke on Trent

Thank you so much for your assistance this morning with my Dodge Caliber after I put petrol in it instead of diesel. I don’t know what I must have been thinking, too bust daydreaming I think! Everything seems good now though thanks to your expertise and magic touch. I wanted to send a note to express my thanks and also my surprise at how low your charge was compared with what I was thinking I would have to pay for repairs or a new engine. You really saved my bacon there. Excellent service and I will be recommending your company if I find someone in need.

Best Regards

Stephen Dawson, Wrong fuel in Dodge Caliber diesel, Stoke on Trent

Wrong fuel in Skoda Yeti Gloucester

Hello Wrong Fuel Doctor – My name is Frank and you did the fuel drain on my Skoda Yeti a couple of days ago. It’s been running sweetly ever since with no smoke or explosions! Thanks for the hard work and thanks for the low charge too, I thought I would need some serious repairs and a few days in the workshop so I am so glad that I called you before the dealer.

Thanks a million

Frank Stewart, Wrong fuel in Skoda Yeti, Gloucester

Wrong fuel in Vauxhall Zafira Wolverhampton

Ta very much for the assistance earlier gents. My Vauxhall Zafira is running OK considering some twit put the wrong fuel in it (oh, was that me? Oops….) I have to mention Andy the engineer here as he deserves a medal for being fast, efficient and polite. A great combination for any service provider and more and more hard to find. So, well done! Your company is great and I will mention you to any other twits I come across.


Joss Kelley, Wrong Fuel in Vauxhall Zafira, Wolverhampton

Wrong fuel in Saab 9-5 diesel Gloucester

Well done team! My car has been rescued from the jaws of certain death my a brilliant mechanic called Andy! Sterling job done, quick and efficient and well mannered which is hard to find nowadays. My Saab 9-5 diesel is running smoothly again following its wrong fuel ordeal, in fact it’s better than ever considering the amount of miles it has on it. Thank you for all your assistance and keep it up.


Leon Douglas, Wrong fuel in Saab 9-5 diesel, Gloucester

Petrol in Diesel Kia Cee’d Birmingham

Thanks for doing the fuel drain today on my Kia Cee’d. I thought I’d be scrapping my poor old car as a repair job wouldn’t be worth it but I didn’t need to thanks to your mechanic chap, who was, I have to say, very pleasant. In fact, it’s his manner and professionalism that made me write this message as I thought such good service deserves a mention and a personal note of thanks. I will shout about you to my buddies and family. Best wrong fuel removers in Birmingham! Well done!


Kier Johnson, Wrong Fuel in Kia Cee’d Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Mini Cooper Diesel Oxford

Hi, I would just like to say how thankful I am that I called the Wrong Fuel Doctor out to my Mini Cooper Diesel when I put in the wrong fuel. You really managed to impress me on all fronts with your service, you were with me quickly, had all the professional equipment and uniform etc and the mechanic who did the fuel drain was kind and respectful. What a great company. I would use your company again, only I hope I don’t need to!

Big Thanks to you all.

Jessie Cox, Wrong Fuel in Mini Cooper Diesel, Oxford

Wrong Fuel in Range Rover Diesel Coventry

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are brilliant! My bosses Range Rover is not a write off and it’s thanks to you guys. I was properly scared this morning after I put the wrong fuel in it. The forecourt chap suggested that I call a wrong fuel removal company and I called you as you came up for wrong fuel Coventry. Boy am I glad I did! Your guy was fast and efficient and was really nice to me and reassuring. Brilliant service and brilliant company. You saved my job and my life!

Best Regards

Tina North, Wrong Fuel in Range Rover Diesel, Coventry

Wrong Fuel in Hyundai i35 diesel Birmingham

To the Wrong Fuel Doctor Team,

Thank you ever so much for fixing my wrong fuel issue with my Hyundai i35 yesterday. Your engineer was wonderful. He was prompt and pleasant and even though I felt like an idiot, he treated me like a human being and with great respect. Your customer service is second to none and is what prompted me to write this note. I will certainly recommend your company to friends and to the forecourt staff of the fuel stations that I use.

Many Thanks

Joel Hitchin, Wrong Fuel in Hyundai i35 diesel, Birmingham

Petrol in Diesel Kia Optima Birmingham

To the fuel medic – I would like to express my sincere thanks to your team for getting my Kia Optima back on the road yesterday. I thought I was in for a seriously expensive repair job there, but I called you and I am so glad that I did. One quick fuel drain and all is well with the car once more. It’s running just fine now and I’m not out of pocket. I will spread the word about your company to friends and family in case they need you. Your customer service and knowledge was absolutely awesome. Thank you very much indeed.

Best Regards

Lyle Beaumont, Petrol in Diesel Kia Optima, Birmingham

Wrong fuel VW Golf Northampton

Hi, this is a short email from Danny Morgan who you guys came out to this morning, I have the black VW Golf and I managed to put the wrong fuel in it in Northampton? Well, I just thought that I should send a message to say thank you once again for all your efforts to get me back on the road this morning. Hopefully, I won’t be silly enough to do it again but if I know of someone else who does, I will be sure to give them your number. Your service is brilliant, fast and efficient which was exactly what I needed this morning. Far cheaper than the breakdown assistance guys too!
Keep it up guys.


Danny Morgan, Wrong fuel in VW Golf Diesel, Northampton

Petrol in Diesel BMW 320D Walsall

Hi Andy – Thanks for the assistance with my BMW 320 Diesel. It’s running OK after I put the wrong fuel type in it on my way to work. I was only a bit late thanks to your speedy arrival and the boss didn’t mind too much as it’s a company car and it wasn’t wrecked like I thought it might be. The fuel drain has worked wonders and was far cheaper than a new engine too! I will be recommending your company to my work colleagues and family just in case they’re as dozy as I was!


Jimmy Fallon, Petrol in Diesel BMW 320D, Walsall

Wrong Fuel in Kia Sportage Birmingham

This is a short message for Jordan from Wrong Fuel Doctor – thanks for sorting my wrong fuel mistake on my Kia Sportage this morning viagra in der schweiz kaufen. Sorry I was such a mess – I was late getting the kids to school and I thought the car would have to be towed away to be fixed. The cup of tea was very generous and just what I needed to calm my poor nerves. The kids are still making fun of me! Excellent service – thanks again.

Best Regards

Kim Dortmund, Wrong Fuel in Kia Sportage, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in VW Passat Birmingham

Hi Wrong Fuel Doctor

This is just a short note to say thanks for your great service this morning on my VW Passat. I’ve never put the wrong fuel in it before and I’ve had it for seven years. I must have been day dreaming (again!). Anyway, all good now, thank heavens. I had a panic as I thought it would be time for a new engine so I’m so glad I called you and not the dealer, I’ve heard some horror stories about main dealers charging a fortune for repairs and it turns out that a simple fuel drain is all you need. Great customer service by the way, very professional.

Thanks again

Kevin Waterson, Wrong Fuel in VW Passat, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Ford Fiesta Oxford

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again for fixing my Ford Fiesta after I put the wrong fuel in it this morning. You guys are the best, you saved me a fortune that my breakdown service wanted to charge me and you were really quick. I was amazed at how quickly you got to me and sorted out the problem. No messing around, and your engineer really seemed concerned that I was OK and that he needed to fix the car fast. Brilliant attitude, courtesy and customer service. I will be recommending you guys to any one else in need of a fuel drain. Thanks a million!

Best Wishes

Gale Kidd, Wrong Fuel in Ford Fiesta, Oxford

Wrong Fuel in Ford Mondeo Leicester

Hi There, This is David from Leicester here. I’m the guy with the Ford Mondeo that you came to in Leicester yesterday morning. The fuel drain seems to have worked fine on my car and it is running as normal. I would just like to express my thanks to the team for getting me out of trouble there. I felt a bit of a prat when I put in the wrong fuel but the engineer was understanding and assured me that it happens all the time. The service was great and I was impressed with the level of respect and courtesy from your engineer. Thank you very much indeed for helping me out.


David Gooch, Wrong Fuel in Ford Mondeo, Leicester

Wrong Fuel in Ford Fiesta Birmingham

This is a short note for Andy who fixed my wrong fuel problem on my Ford Fiesta in Birmingham this morning. My name is Belinda and Andy came out to me earlier, he was with me in 25 minutes and I was on the road again in 45 minutes. I was impressed by his professionalism and I thought that deserved a thank you note because efficient, polite and inexpensive businesses seem to be few and far between nowadays. So a huge thank you to you and your team for saving my day and my car!

Thank you

Belinda Jones, Wrong Fuel in Ford Fiesta, Birmingham

Wrong Fuel in Diesel Range Rover Coventry

Good Evening, My name is Darren and your engineer helped me when I put the wrong fuel in my Range Rover in Coventry this morning. I felt a bit of an idiot but your guy was really pleasant and professional and assisted me quickly and efficiently. I was struck by how respectful and knowledgeable he was and that made me want to write a personal note to you guys to say how grateful I am for your brilliant service. I will be recommending you to others who are in the same spot as me. Well done and keep up the good work.

Thanks once again.

Darren Barton, Wrong Fuel in Range Rover, Coventry

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