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E10 Petrol – The Information You Need To Know

E10 Petrol. What Is It And Would I Be Able To Use It In My Vehicle?

You may have noticed that, recently, very small notices have been appearing on petrol pumps around the country informing the user that regular unleaded petrol is now being changed to E10 petrol and was previously E5 petrol. The E10 label simply means that the petrol contains 10% ethanol. Obviously E5 petrol (the old stuff!) only contained 5% ethanol. It’s a measure introduced by the UK government in an attempt to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles on our roads. The signs are probably so small due to the UK government’s embarrassment at having not introduced E10 petrol years ago as most of the rest of the world has, but this causes a problem for UK motorists. Not all petrol engine cars will be able to use the new type of petrol without the risk of serious damage to fuel systems and engines. These signs are small and many motorists don’t even notice them. The UK government website states that all cars manufactured after 2011 “should” be OK and most older cars would generally be able to use E10 petrol, but there are an awful lot of UK drivers who don’t have the luxury of owning a post 2011 car and there are also many exotic and performance cars on our roads. What about these vehicles?

How Will E10 Petrol Affect My Older Car Or A Performance/Exotic Car?

The first thing to do is check your owner’s manual for information, contact the vehicle manufacturer or check online. As stated most cars/vans will run on E10 petrol without any noticeable effect, but then so will vehicles that really shouldn’t be using this new grade of fuel. If your vehicle is compatible and you use E10 petrol for any length of time, eventually fuel system components, hoses and some engine components may be damaged resulting in costly repairs and potentially even engine death! Classic cars and performance/exotic cars certainly shouldn’t be using it without engine and fuel system modifications to allow its use. NOTE: Don’t put E10 fuel in your performance motor! If you have, call us straight away to remove it!

E10 Petrol Problems Wrong Fuel Doctor

We Can Help If You Have E10 Petrol Related Car Or Van Problems

If you suspect that you may have been using E10 for a while when you really shouldn’t have, and you’re experiencing symptoms such as rough start/idle, plumes of white smoke from the exhaust, poor performance etc, give us a call and we can come out to your vehicle and perform a fuel drain and fuel system purge. You’ll need to use super unleaded petrol until you can get your engine modified (if that’s possible). You can reach us on 0845 644 7991 and once we’ve cleared the E10 from your fuel system, we’ll pop in some E5 petrol to get you to your nearest fuel station. We can also give advice on whether your car can be upgraded for E10 petrol use.

E10 Petrol Is A Less Stable Fuel Type Than E5 Petrol. Don’t Leave It In A Car That’s Temporarily Off The Road!

If you have a car that you only use in the summer when the roads are drier, whatever you do, don’t leave E10 petrol in the tank! It’s not a very stable fuel and will degrade over time, meaning that if your car is left under covers for a few months then it is highly unlikely to start and you will need to get the fuel tank drained and the fuel system purged. We can do that for you! Just give us a call

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