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Petrol in Diesel Car – Some Sound Advice

Don’t Panic! Don’t start the vehicle! It’s not always that simple………

Usually, with petrol in diesel vehicle problems you would be advised not to start the vehicle’s engine or to even unlock/lock the doors. Being realistic, it’s not always that straightforward though; most of the time the vehicle owner has been under pressure to arrive somewhere on time and hasn’t been fully concentrating on the task in hand. When the car or van suddenly stalls after driving away from the forecourt the sudden realisation dawns with what has happened. Cue a frantic and slightly panicked search on the mobile to find someone who can help. Hindsight is all very good, but the reality of the situation is more often than not, as previously described.

But, worry not! If you’ve stalled in the road and you may be causing a dangerous situation for other road users then, if you can, manouvre the car into a safer spot; you never know, someone might stop to help you but, if not, you will probably need to find your red warning triangle in your boot (not all vehicles have them, but most modern ones do) and pop it on the road behind your vehicle. Next, you’ll need to call the wrongfuel doctor and we’ll send out an engineer ASAP. If you’re a vulnerable motorist or your in a difficult situation we’ll do our best to prioritise you. When we get to you, our Engineer will quickly asses the situation and then pull out all the necessary stops to get you mobile again as quickly as he can.

petrol in dieselWhat if my vehicle has been towed to a local garage or the main dealer for my vehicle type?

We are often called by motorists who have been towed to their home address, a local mechanic’s unit or a vehicle main dealer. We usually receive this call because they’ve been presented with an enormous quote for repair work. In these situations always get a second opinion from the experts at wrongfuel doctor. We know vehicle fuel systems inside out and more often than not the problem can be sorted with minimal cost and hassle.

We are often contacted and asked if it’s OK if you’ve put a little unleaded petrol in a diesel vehicle (less than 10%) and have then topped up the tank with diesel. This isn’t really advisable as unleaded fuel isn’t a good lubricant like diesel is and this can affect the internal moving parts in the fuel system. Damage may occur to the vehicle fuel pump, replacing it and flushing the system through with the correct fuel will usually sort the problem. This shouldn’t be too costly depending upon your vehicle type; a competent mechanic should be able to do this for you relatively cheaply.

Our petrol in diesel rectification experts are always on the road 24 hours a day and there will usually be one near you if you’re in a bit of a spot. Our efficient network means that we can cover the majority of the UK, so contact our emergency assistance operators on 0845 644 7991 and we’ll leap into action to be with you within 60 minutes, usually much faster.

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