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wrong fuel doctor

Petrol in Diesel Ford Fiesta Coventry

Hi Team, Thanks for the assistance with my car earlier and sorry for calling you out so early in the morning. I was at my wits end when I put in the wrong fuel and I thought my poor Fiesta was finally dead but it seems to have a new lease of life now. Whatever the fuel drain did has made it run better than ever so Ta for that! My Dad was a bit miffed at having to pay for my little mistake but he was surprised at how cheap it was. I think he’s relieved that he doesn’t need to get me a new engine or something like that! I’ve told all my buddies about you in case they need a fuel drain but most of them have petrol cars and your engineer said that most of your work was on diesel cars but you never know, I know some pretty daft people! Thanks once again – your service was brilliant viagra ohne rezept niederlande.

Jenny Gould, Petrol in Diesel Ford Fiesta, Coventry

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