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Wrong Fuel Coventry diesel Dacia Duster

An excellent night out with friends could have ended in a disaster and been much more expensive had it not been for the team at ‘Wrong Fuel Doctor’. We had stopped on the way to our restaurant (before having a drink !) to add £20 of Fuel and drove a further 5 miles to the restaurant. I started the car to drive away with an unusual sound from the engine. Stopped the car at the side of the road and realised we had put petrol in instead of diesel. We initially called the RAC who said they would respond as soon as they could and that we would receive a call when a responder had been allocated. No return call within 1/2 hour led us to calling the Wrong Fuel Doctor team. What an amazingly quick response! They arrived within 1/2 hr. Faisal from the Team was extremely polite, courteous and reassured us that he could get us on our way and not to be embarrassed as it is such a common situation. Having siphoned the petrol out, added in the diesel and additive, we headed towards the forecourt to add more fuel. Faisal, the gentleman that he was, followed us to the forecourt and waited for us to fill and re-start the car. He then followed us for a few miles to check we were all OK. Bearing in mind that we have since learnt that the RAC would have recovered us to home only and, if they could have, would have charged us double and then to add insult to injury we didn’t even receive a call back until we arrived home, anyway!!! Thanks to Faisal who is a great example and an ambassador for the team, ensuring the evening wasn’t spoiled despite the initial heartache. We have no hesitation in recommending the team and, for us, Faisal was the 4th Emergency Service. Appreciation and Thanks.

Lin Davies, Wrong Fuel Coventry, diesel Dacia Duster

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