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Wrong Fuel Coventry? We provide expert fuel drain solutions.

Fast response wrong fuel doctor emergency services available 24/7

wrong fuel coventryHave you accidentally filled up your vehicle with petrol instead of diesel or vice versa and you’re in the Coventry area? We can provide a very high quality, professional wrong fuel Coventry fuel drain service at a very competitive price. Just call our rapid response hotline 0845 644 7991. We’ll aim to get an expert engineer out to you within 40 minutes of your call and, in actual fact, we’re often quicker than that!

What should I do if I have put in the wrong fuel?

• Don’t try to start the engine.

If you haven’t already tried to start the car as you’ve noticed that you have been filling up with the wrong fuel type, don’t try to start it and don’t lock or unlock the car with the remote fob as this may prime the fuel pump on many models. We can still assist, but the job will take longer.

• Be Safe!

If you’re on the forecourt, let the staff know what has happened and they should assist you in making you and your vehicle safe until we can get to you.

If you’re at the roadside, on the hard shoulder or stranded in the middle of the road, call us from a safe place and we can prioritise your case. We may need to inform local authorities if your vehicle is causing an inadvertent hazard to other motorists.

• Call Our Hotline – 0845 644 7991

Let our staff know roughly where you are, what sort of vehicle you’re driving and an estimate of the quantity of the wrong fuel in your fuel tank. We can provide you with a very competitive quote for our service and arrange for our closest available engineer to get to you as fast as possible.

Why should I use Wrong Fuel Doctor services?

• Our network of wrong fuel Coventry engineers are on duty 24/7 and we have many units on the road so there is always an expert close to your location.

• We have invested heavily in the very best and most efficient fuel drain equipment enabling our experts to do a thorough job, very quickly. They can also reset vehicle ECU systems if necessary.

• Customer service is our priority. Referrals account for a large part of our case load because we always treat our customers with the utmost respect and courtesy.

• Our experts will explain exactly what they need to do to your vehicle in order to get you back on the road as soon as possible and they will never ask for payment up front.

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