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Wrong Fuel Derby petrol in diesel Renault Kadjar

Dear Wrong Fuel Doctor Team

Thank you, thank you, thank you and, once again, thank you. I don’t know what I would have done without your help this morning. I was in a major pickle earlier after putting in the wrong fuel and I was panicking about what to do. Fortunately, I had my phone on me and there was some charge in it for once! I was on a pretty secluded road when I broke down and would have had to walk a couple of miles to get to a phone. I didn’t notice when I put in the petrol as my car had about a quarter of a tank of diesel and started up on the forecourt as normal. It got progressively more grumpy as I drove down the road, though, and then conked out altogether in the middle of a country road. Thank the heavens it was light! I dread to think what that would have been like at night! I found the Wrong Fuel Doctor on my phone and that seemed like an appropriate service for my poor sick car. I spoke to a lovely chap called Andy when I called and he was very reassuring. He put me on the priority list as I was blocking the road and came out himself to me about 45 minutes later, which was fast considering where I was. He put out his cones and got to work with the fuel drain whilst chatting away to me. I went from really panicky and scared to laughing and joking with a very nice man, he took all the stress out of the situation without even trying. Excellent manners and very professional too. The van was spotless as was all the equipment which didn’t look as if it had ever been used all though I’m sure it has! I felt really happy with the service and when the car started first time it was such a relief. I had the whole fuel drain and system flush service as the car had been running with a petrol/diesel mix in its tank but I was so surprised at how little the whole service cost. It was all so easy and hassle-free. You deserve a sparkling review and I hope everyone in the same spot as me can find you. I’ll pass on my praises if I know of anyone else who puts in the wrong fuel in Derby. I have heard a few of my friends mention it so as Andy says, it’s certainly not uncommon by the sounds of things.

Huge thanks once more and all the best with your business for the future.

Amelia Short, wrong fuel Derby, petrol in diesel Renault Kadjar

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