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Wrong Fuel Dunstable Petrol in Diesel Dunstable

Wrong Fuel Dunstable, Petrol in Diesel Dunstable?

Filled up with the wrong fuel in the Dunstable area? Call us for an expert fuel drain service on 0845 644 7991.

Call A Wrong Fuel Dunstable Engineer If You’ve Accidentally Put In The Wrong Fuel

wrong fuel DunstableIf you’re part way through filling up and you’ve realised that you’re putting in the wrong fuel type for your vehicle, stop and call for one of our Wrong Fuel Dunstable engineers as soon as you can. If you haven’t already done so, don’t try to start the vehicle and don’t operate the central locking. It isn’t the end of the world if you have, but these two actions will draw the wrong fuel into the engine fuel system and will make our job a little more difficult, time consuming and therefore, a little more expensive. When you call, give the wrong fuel Dunstable engineer who answers as much info as possible about your situation, such as the make and model of your vehicle and your location.

How Quickly Can My Wrong Fuel Dunstable Problem Be Solved?

Our engineers are locals who know Dunstable and the surrounding areas really well. Sat Navs are all well and good but nothing beats a bit of local traffic bottle neck and quick cut through knowledge when it’s rush hour and our guys need to reach a customer who’s in a hurry. We aim to have someone with you within 40 minutes of your call but we’re usually a lot faster than that and the majority of our jobs are completed within the hour to minimise the inconvenience and hassle for our customers. We know that a wrong fuel Dunstable situation is stressful and the potential delay during your busy day is really the worst part of it.

What Is The Procedure Followed By A Wrong Fuel Dunstable Engineer?

Once we have established the job details and the whereabouts of the customer, we can get an engineer on the road to assist. As our team are always very busy, there will usually be an engineer close to your location who can get to you fast. Upon arrival, the engineer will ensure that you and your vehicle are safe before setting up the equipment to drain the wrong fuel from the vehicle fuel tank. If your vehicle needs to be towed to a safer spot at the road side or away from the fuel pump on the forecourt, there will be equipment on the mobile emergency response unit to do just that. The wrong fuel will then be drained from the tank and the fuel system flushed through with fresh fuel if necessary. The vehicle will then be started and, only when our engineer is satisfied that the job has been done properly and there will be no further problems with the vehicle engine or fuel system, will he allow the customer to continue on their way.

Why Should You Use Our Wrong Fuel Dunstable Fuel Drain Service?

• We prioritise cases involving vulnerable motorists such as lone females or elderly motorists
• We have unrivalled industry expertise and experience
• Customer care is our main priority
• Our engineers are fully and correctly insured
• We only use state of the art fuel drain equipment
• Our prices are very competitive
• We are an Environment Agency approved company
• We recycle contaminated fuel and don’t just burn or dump it

What Will The Cost Be For A Wrong Fuel Dunstable Solution?

The cost to remove the wrong fuel from a vehicle fuel tank will vary depending upon the vehicle type and the nature of the situation. The cost will usually be somewhere between £130 and £250, with a simple job like removing fuel from a standard saloon car which hasn’t been started being at the lower end of the scale, and removing fuel from a large 4×4 with twin fuel tanks and a complicated fuel system which has been started, being at the higher end of the scale. The job pricing is logical and depends on how long the job takes and the equipment and tank storage space required to do the job. Please do be wary of fuel drain companies who seem to be very cheap as they are often uninsured, unqualified and will use inferior fuel drain equipment to do a very poor job which may result in big problems for the vehicle engine further down the line. Your engineer should have an SPA passport and Environment Agency approval to demonstrate that they are qualified and authorised to do the job and to handle dangerous chemicals, safely.

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