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Wrong Fuel Removal, Vehicle Fuel Drain FAQs

This list of possible FAQS has been compiled in order to answer any possible queries that may arise in a wrong fuel in car situation and you find that you require some fuel drain expert assistance.

I put petrol in my diesel car or diesel in my petrol car by mistake. What can I do now?

You may have been informed that you shouldn’t start the engine or even use the remote to lock or unlock the vehicle. We acknowledge that, much of the time, our customers don’t even notice that they’ve filled up with the wrong fuel until their vehicle has stalled some way down the road from the fuel station. But, don’t worry, it’s highly likely that the vehicle will be just fine after a fuel drain. Call 0845 644 7991 as soon as you can and speak to a member of our team. An expert engineer will make an assessment of your situation and utilising our wide network of professional contacts we will have an expert with you as fast as possible, very often within an hour or less.

If you’re still at the fuel station, tell the forecourt staff what has happened. Don’t be embarrassed, motorists put the wrong fuel in more frequently than you’d think and the forecourt staff will be understanding and will know how to help until our engineer can get out to you. If you’ve broken down on the road, if possible, get yourself and your vehicle into a safe position so that you’re not causing a problem for other vehicles. If you’re alone and no kindly soul stops to help, switch on your hazard warning lights and put your red warning triangle in the road a few yards behind your vehicle (especially at night).

Why should I use the wrongfuel doctor rather than another company?

The wrong fuel removal industry is one that many are not aware of until they find themselves in need of the service. It’s hard to think clearly under unexpected stress. Regrettably, there are untrustworthy people at work within the industry who do not act with your best interests and safety in mind and will show up poorly equipped and looking to charge high fees.

We guarantee to despatch a professionally trained, fully licensed engineer who will treat you and your vehicle with the utmost respect.

We are experts in this industry so we recommend that you contact us before your local mechanic or vehicle main dealer, about your situation. Most won’t be correctly equipped to perform a fuel drain and may be very expensive due to sub-contract the work.

Could I call my roadside assistance provider?

You could but they tend to be expensive and are not always running properly equipped to carry out a fuel drain due to the wide extent of their other requirements. You will probably just get towed home or to a local garage/main dealer costing you more time and causing you more hassle. Call the wrongfuel doctor and we’ll get to you as quickly as possible with all the right apparatus and expertise to get the job done safely and quickly.

What licences does a wrong fuel engineer require?

A professional wrong fuel engineer will have an SPA passport and an ADR licence. Working on a fuel station forecourt or transporting contaminated fuel in our vehicles without these is illegal.

If the vehicle fuel system needs repairs, is it going to be expensive?

It very much depends upon the vehicle. In most cases the fuel system won’t be damaged unless the vehicle has been driven for a long while with the wrong fuel type or a bad fuel mixture in the system. This situation usually only happens where the motorist has put a low quantity of unleaded into a diesel vehicle and then topped up with diesel. Damage sometimes occurs to the fuel pump moving parts as insufficient lubrication is received due to the unleaded petrol in the fuel system. A new fuel pump shouldn’t be terribly expensive, depending upon how easy it is to get to on your vehicle model. It’s normally the labour charge rather than the part price that ups the cost of replacing it. Make sure the fuel system receives a fuel drain and flush through with fresh fuel before fuel pump replacement though, so that there’s no risk of damage occurring to the new pump.

Can I prevent misfuelling of a vehicle?

In almost all cases the fuel drain is carried out on a diesel vehicle with unleaded petrol in the fuel tank. This is due to the nozzle size of the diesel pump, it simply won’t fit into the unleaded tank aperture. You can get mis-fuelling prevention devices to fit to your vehicle.

  • Try to remember to look at the note inside the fuel filler flap which cautions you to fill up with the correct fuel.
  • For company or pool vehicles, put a sticker on the filler cap to notify the driver of the correct fuel type
  • Devices can be bought which prevent misfuelling but you would need to check with the manufacturer to ensure they would fit your particular vehicle make and model

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