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Wrong Fuel in Ford Mondeo Birmingham

Hey Guys, This is Yatin here. Thanks ever so much for sorting out my wrong fuel problem earlier. I was the guy with the Ford Mondeo in Birmingham that your engineer came to at the crack of dawn this morning! (Sorry about getting you out of bed so early!) The car is running fine now so good job there, I’m so glad that I called you rather than getting fleeced by a dealer as I am sure I would have. Your engineer (Andy) was with me in 20 minutes and had me back on the road within the hour which was brilliant considering the low cost and the full tank that had to be drained. I will add you to my list of contacts in my phone just in case I am daft enough to do the same thing again or if I come across someone else who has!

Best Wishes

Yatin Singh, Wrong fuel in Ford Mondeo, Birmingham

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