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Wrong Fuel in Landrover Freelander Diesel Bristol

Hello Simon, it’s David from Bristol here with a quick message to say thanks for getting me out of the proverbial this morning. As you know, the freelander was a hire car that I put the wrong fuel into and I was having a panic that the insurance wouldn’t cover me and I’d be buying them a new engine. I can’t explain how relieved I was when you did the fuel drain and then got the car started again. It has been running fine ever since as well so the hire company won’t ever know! If I can return the favour by sending you some more business in the future then I will, I’ll keep my eye out for other motorists who have done the same thing as me and I will pass on your details.

Please feel free to use my name as a reference if you need it, I would be more than happy to sing your praises.


David Whelan, Wrong Fuel in Landrover Freelander Diesel, Bristol

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