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Wrong Fuel in Renault Clio Derby

To The Wrong Fuel Doctor

Thank you so much for the brilliant service yesterday when you did the fuel drain on my Renault Clio in Derby after I put in the wrong fuel type for it. I was so angry with myself as I have done it once before and I was so sure that I wouldn’t be as daft again. I have another car which is petrol and I drive that one more often. Last time I paid a mechanic a small fortune to remove a few litres of petrol from the same car so I was pleasantly surprised at how cheap you were and a bit miffed with the previous mechanic. I will keep your card handy in case it’s third time unlucky for me or if I come across anyone else in the same pickle.

Thank you for your hard work and brilliant service.

Vince Hughes, Wrong Fuel Renault Clio, Derby

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