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Wrong Fuel in Skoda Octavia Diesel Gloucester

Thank you so much to Andy who rescued me from Gloucester Town Centre this morning (sorry it was so early). I was the chap with the black Skoda Octavia diesel that I put unleaded into (like a twit). I felt a bit of a prat but Andy was so pleasant and matter-of-fact about the whole thing that I didn’t feel bad for long. It was very reassuring to learn that there would be no long term damage or expensive fixes after my daft mistake. I was really impressed with the efficiency and thoroughness of the service from the first call to paying the low fee and I felt that you guys deserved a thank you in writing as good companies are few and far between when it comes to things mechanical (I’ve had a few bad experiences lately with main dealers). Please use my comments as a testimonial for others if you like.

Yours Gratefully,

Kieran Sumner, Wrong Fuel in Skoda Octavia, Gloucester

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