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Wrong Fuel in VW Golf Birmingham

Dear Fuel Medic

Thank you so much for saving me and my VW Golf in Birmingham yesterday. I don’t know what made me put in the wrong fuel but it was a bit of a shock. I am grateful to the forecourt staff member who gave me your number to call as I was sure it would have to be an insurance job or very expensive garage repair to sort it out. One simple fuel drain later and the problem was gone. I didn’t even know about the wrong fuel removal industry, I suppose because I never needed it until yesterday. I am very glad that you exist! I was also very pleased with how courteous and respectful your mechanic was when I was in a big panic, he was very calming and helped to soothe my nerves!

Brilliant service and brilliant company. Please use me as a “happy customer” testimonial.


Leon Morris, Wrong Fuel in VW Golf, Birmingham

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