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Wrong Fuel Liverpool, Petrol in Diesel Liverpool?

Filled up with the wrong fuel in the Liverpool area? Call us for an expert fuel drain service on 0845 644 7991.
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Welcome to the Wrong Fuel Doctor website. We offer a highly efficient and professional wrong fuel Liverpool service for customers who have accidentally filled up with the wrong fuel. Whether you’ve put petrol in a diesel vehicle or diesel in a petrol vehicle, we have an extensive network of experts operating in Liverpool and the surrounding areas and can carry out a 24 hour rapid response, fuel evacuation service through our close links with expert engineers covering most of the UK. Our central hub is based in the Midlands but we have many wrong fuel Liverpool located fuel removal experts on hand to assist you wherever you happen to be in Liverpool. All our mobile fuel drain units are fitted with well maintained, state of the art, fully certified fuel drain equipment of the highest standard.

When you inadvertently put the wrong fuel in your car or van you can trust us to provide an efficient professional fuel drain in the Liverpool area, call our emergency hotline immediately on 0845 644 7991 and we’ll ask for the following information to help us get to you as soon as possible:

1) Your current location in or around Liverpool
2) The body colour, manufacturer model and registration year of your vehicle
3) If possible, an estimate of the amount of fuel that will need to be removed from your vehicle, e.g. the quantity in litres of the wrong fuel type in your vehicle fuel tank.

A member of our expert wrong fuel drain team will then be hastily despatched to you; we will let you know how long a wait you can expect depending upon the current traffic and road conditions. We aim to have an engineer with you within 40 minutes of your call, but it’s usually much faster.

We know it’s easier said than done but really, don’t panic! We know it’s little comfort, but the number of motorists who fill up with the wrong fuel in their vehicles, drive away from the petrol station forecourt and then break down halfway down the road, is growing year by year. It’s a common situation and happens several times a minute all over the UK; most likely because of the stresses of modern lifestyles. Our mobile fast response units are all equipped with the best equipment to carry out the particular fuel drain related tasks that may be required in your case as we perform this service many times, every day. We have the capability to tow most vehicles to a safe location if they are in a precarious position and we will prioritise cases where the motorist or their car has broken down in a potentially dangerous spot.


Our team of wrong fuel Liverpool expert mechanics are all highly qualified, fully insured and have a lot of experience with the ‘wrong fuel in my car’ industry as well as in all areas of general vehicle maintenance. The team are all very experienced in carrying out fuel drains on almost all vehicle types from motorcycles to exotic sports cars and from vintage models to minibuses or trucks.

Should you be in a frustrating wrong fuel Liverpool position, give our team a call straightaway on 0845 644 7991 for a rapid callout, professional fuel drain provision covering Liverpool, all of the surrounding area and the majority of mainland UK.

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