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Wrong Fuel Liverpool petrol in diesel Vauxhall Corsa

Hi Wrong Fuel Doctor team

Just a quick message from Dee in Liverpool. Jay came and removed the wrong fuel from my Vauxhall Corsa when I was driving through Liverpool city centre a couple of days ago. Sorry it’s taken me this long to send a thank you message but I have been really busy and wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for Jay’s excellent service. I stupidly filled up the whole tank of my Corsa with petrol because I was having a dumb moment and before I knew it I’d put in £50 of the wrong fuel. How embarrassed was I? It didn’t think I could be that dumb, but there we are! I felt such an idiot calling up the Wrong Fuel Doctor but I spoke to Jay and he reassured me that it was a fairly easy fix and it was a really common thing that happened all the time. I must admit that I didn’t know about mobile fuel tank drain services but then I’ve never needed one before. I called Wrong Fuel Doctor because I liked the professional website and the fact that there were so many lovely comments on there from previous customers, I felt like I’d called the right company and Jay was really nice on the phone too, so that was comforting. Jay was there in about 20 minutes and he was really pleasant. Nice manners and friendly chat. He obviously knew exactly what he was doing and got straight on with the job. He was even nice to my car even though it’s only an 8 year old Corsa with 120,000 miles on the clock! The service cost was a lot less than I was expecting too. At first I thought I would probably have to scrap the car if the engine was done for, but Jay assured me that a fuel drain would be enough to get it back on the road again. Sure enough, about 25 mins later he managed to get it to start and it sounded fine. He followed me down the road for a test drive and just checked everything was OK after about 2 or 3 miles as all of dash warning lights were flashing. He fixed that and then he was off. My little Corsa has been running as normal over the last couple of days with no bad after effects, so all good there.

Super service and smashing technician who is a credit to Wrong Fuel Doctor. Highly recommended.

All the very best

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