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Professional Wrong Fuel Removal

Wrong Fuel RemovalAn expert wrong fuel system flush is a lot more than simply removing the wrong fuel from the vehicle fuel tank and then replacing it with uncontaminated fuel. We encounter motorists every day in a frustrating and very worrying situation. The possibility of severe damage having been caused to their expensive car or van is a frightening experience. Our engineers deal with our customers efficiently and reassuringly throughout the whole process from the initial call to the wrong fuel system drain service. When you first contact us we will need a few vital pieces of information.

  • Where you are – a street name or village/town name (a forecourt brand is useful if you’re still there)
  • Are you in an emergency situation – e.g. broken down on the motorway or causing a problem on a main road
  • Vehicle details – manufacturer, model name, colour and registration
  • Your name


Meticulously maintained and correctly licensed equipment

The vital details collected allow our experts to make sure that they have the best set of equipment on board the wrong fuel removal vehicle to carry out a fuel system drain and flush on your vehicle type. The process for removing the wrong fuel type from a sports car, an old classic or an unusual vehicle type may differ from that for a regular type of vehicle.

Our vans contain professionally maintained and correctly licensed wrong fuel removal equipment along with safety gear so that both the customer and vehicle are properly protected during the wrong fuel system flush process. Our experts are all time served mechanics, professionall trained and fully licensed to cope with any wrong fuel removal requirement. We can be relied upon to be friendly and courteous at all times to reassure our customers when they’re in a stressful situation.

Wrong Fuel Remedial Advice

This is a significant part of our service. The majority of situations we encounter are on fuel station forecourts where the customer has realised whilst filling up, that they have mistakenly put in the wrong fuel type. We do also encounter situations where the customer has driven home or has had the vehicle recovered to their home or a local mechanic by a roadside emergency assistance company.

We find that calls are made to us because the advice given by their local garage or main dealer is that their vehicle will need a very expensive repair job to the vehicle fuel system. Most of the time, this isn’t the case. A straightforward, inexpensive vehicle fuel system drain and flush through with fresh fuel will be sufficient in all except very rare specialist cases.

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