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Wrong Fuel Walsall petrol in diesel Ford S-Max

Hi Simon

This a quick review from Lindsey Adamson (black Ford S-Max). You saved the day when I put the wrong fuel in my car while I was in Walsall a couple of days ago.

I would highly recommend Wrong Fuel Doctor if you have accidentally put in the wrong fuel like I did. I put a full tank of petrol into my diesel Ford S-Max and then tried to start and drive it. Not surprisingly it wouldn’t go and I didn’t realise until the forecourt attendant told me that I had bought 50 litres of unleaded petrol. I’m sure I would have gone into panic meltdown as the car is my friends and is only about 6 months old. My own car is a petrol Fiat Punto and I was only borrowing the S-Max because I was taking a group of kids (including mine) to the swimming pool. The only thing that stopped my panic was the fact that the forecourt lady told me that she had some business cards from a local fuel drain company. I didn’t even know what a fuel drain company was but I’m so glad that you are out there! I called up and said what had happened and then Simon was there in a flash. Sparkling van, smart uniform, big smile and lovely attitude. Simon was really polite and kind. He got on with the job and had that done very quickly indeed, even though I’d filled the S-Max up to the brim. Simon flushed the fuel system and cleaned it all up and then the car started up straight away with no hiccups or hassle. I was very impressed with all aspects of the service, I was expecting a major headache but that wasn’t the case at all with Wrong Fuel Doctor. Everything was sorted quickly and to a high standard. They are definitely the company to use after you’ve put in the wrong fuel.

Hope this is OK, Simon, and thanks very much indeed for your assistance.

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