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Wrong Fuel Wolverhampton petrol in diesel Seat Ibiza

Dear Wrong Fuel Doctor team

My sincere thanks for helping me earlier. I couldn’t believe it when I realised I’d put petrol in my little Ibiza instead of diesel. I felt a right twit having to phone you guys for help but I’m glad I did, as the service was amazing. I’d heard a few horror stories about fuel drain companies including that one from the Watchdog programme on TV not so long ago. I was really wary but all the nice reviews on your site and on Google swung me and made me feel a bit more confident in phoning you guys. I think I spoke to Andy on the phone and he was really cool. No pressure sales or sarky remarks. He just gave me a price and asked me if I was OK with it. I was, because I had phoned the AA first and they gave me some ridiculous price and then told me I’d have to wait for a few hours as they had no-one near Wolverhampton to help! Might have to think twice about renewing with them. Your engineer was there in super fast time. I don’t think it was even half an hour since I had called. He was a really nice chap and he chatted away to me and explained all about the fuel drain process and all about the best garages in Wolverhampton too, as he knew the area quite well. The job was done to a high standard and also done really quickly. The customer service was top notch and I will definitely be letting others know that they should use you if they put in the wrong fuel. You managed to turn what I thought would be a major problem into a minor hassle which didn’t end up costing me anywhere near what I thought it might.

Well done guys and thank you very much,

Donna Weston, wrong fuel Wolverhampton, petrol in diesel Seat Ibiza

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