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Have you put the wrong fuel in a car, van or motorcycle?

Don’t worry, you’re just a quick phone call away from the Wrong Fuel Doctor.

Our Wrong Fuel Doctor engineers cover the vast majority of the UK and are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be assisted by a fully trained, experienced engineer who will know exactly what needs to be done to remove the wrong fuel type from your vehicle fuel tank in the safest and most efficient manner.

We are well aware that this can be a very stressful situation for our customers and so you can be assured that the engineer attending will be polite, courteous, reassuring and understanding.

Wrong Fuel Doctor

Will Putting The Wrong Fuel Into My Vehicle Damage The Engine and Cost Me A Fortune?

It’s perfectly natural to worry or even panic when you realise that you’ve accidentally put the wrong fuel into your car, van or motorcycle. The first thing that comes into most people’s minds when this happens is the possibility that the vehicle engine will be damaged and may need an expensive repair job.

We would like to reassure all motorists that this is unlikely to be the case. Many wrong fuel websites bear a rather frightening statement that you should not start the car under any circumstances. Whilst it is perfectly true that you should not turn on the ignition, if you have – don’t worry. In the majority of cases that we attend, our customer has not realised that they have put in the wrong fuel until they have attempted to start their vehicle and it has either stalled after a short distance or has failed to start altogether.

Attempting to start the vehicle circulates the wrong fuel type around the fuel system and may make the job a little more complicated for our engineer but it is certainly not the end of the world. A full system fuel drain and flush through with fresh fuel of the correct type will fix the problem in 99% of cases.

Wrong Fuel Doctor

What Happens When The Wrong Fuel Is Put Into A Vehicle?

Putting petrol into a diesel engine is a problem due to the difference between unleaded petrol and diesel fuels. Diesel fuel acts as a lubricant in a diesel engine fuel system. Petrol does not have the lubricating qualities of diesel and so where there is metal to metal contact between the diesel fuel system components, rapid wear and damage can occur. Also, petrol and diesel react differently in their respective engine ignition systems. A diesel engine won’t run on unleaded petrol and so the engine will either fail to start at all, or, if there is a small amount of residual diesel in the system, it will start and then immediately stall again in the majority of cases.

In some cases, such as those where a diesel fuel tank has been topped up with around 20% unleaded fuel, the engine may run badly for some time but the motorist may end up stranded a few miles from the forecourt when it eventually stalls.

Is Putting In The Wrong Fuel A Common Problem?

Yes, and it’s becoming more and more common as diesel engines become more quiet and refined. Most of our customers have either just bought a new diesel car, having previously owned a petrol car, or they have hired/borrowed the vehicle and didn’t realise it was a diesel engine. Motorists putting petrol in a diesel vehicle is by far and away the most common scenario. The reason for this is because the petrol fuel nozzle is slimmer than the diesel fuel nozzle and so fits easily into the diesel tank aperture. The reverse is not true and so diesel in a petrol vehicle is much more rare.

In the UK, someone somewhere puts in the wrong fuel once every 4 to 5 minutes. With more than 30 million vehicles on the road, that’s not a particularly surprising statistic. Our engineers are on call to attend any one of these cases and whilst we only allow them to work a certain number of hours, in the interests of safety, there’s always an engineer available, day or night.

wrong fuel doctor

How Does The Wrong Fuel Doctor Engineer Despatch System Work?

When a customer calls our hotline, 0845 644 7991, to request assistance, we ask for their name, their location details, vehicle description and roughly how much of the wrong fuel they have put into their vehicle. This allows us to pinpoint our nearest available engineer and to direct them to our customer. Our system means that we can respond very quickly to any call we receive, minimising any delay that your wrong fuel mishap may cause.

Wrong Fuel Doctor

How Is a Fuel Drain Done and How Long Will It Take?

All of our wrong fuel engineers drive mobile fuel drain units fitted with the latest in fuel evacuation technology and related safety equipment. They are also all fully licensed and authorised by the Environment Agency to handle dangerous chemicals. The fuel evacuation unit is used to extract the contaminated fuel from the vehicle fuel tank where it is stored in isolation in a steel vessel. The vehicle fuel system is then purged with fresh fuel to remove all traces of the wrong fuel type from all fuel system components and the vehicle engine.

Once this has been completed the engine ECU may require a reset, depending upon the make and model of the vehicle. Our engineers are also equipped with diagnostics tools to perform this action if necessary.

The time taken to complete the job depends upon the amount of contaminated fuel to be removed and also on the type of engine in the vehicle. It is generally between 20 and 40 minutes as the job will be done safely and thoroughly to ensure that the vehicle is in no danger of developing wrong fuel related problems further down the line.

wrong fuel doctor

Which Areas of the UK Does Wrong Fuel Doctor Cover?

Through our amazing network of professional engineers, we are able to cover almost all areas of the UK. Wherever your wrong fuel incident has occurred, just call us as soon as you are able and we will let you know how long it will take for one of our engineers to reach you.

Customer Experiences

Jake Carter in Bristol had this to say about Wrong Fuel Doctor:

“Wrong Fuel Doctor are just an amazing company! I managed to put the wrong fuel into my VW Passat whilst I was in Bristol visiting my elderly parents. I’d only had the car for 3 days and I’ve always driven petrol cars before. I filled up without thinking and when I’d filled the tank to the top, I had this awful sinking feeling as I put the unleaded nozzle back. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do but thankfully someone else on the forecourt suggested that I should call a fuel drain company. I found Wrong Fuel Doctor after a quick search using my phone and I called them up. They were ever so friendly and reassuring so I asked them to send an engineer out. The engineer was there within 40 minutes as promised and he did a great job of draining the petrol from my car and replacing it with diesel. The fuel system was cleaned out and the engine ECU reset and I haven’t looked back since. The car has been running fine and my little mistake didn’t end up costing me a fortune. So, well done Wrong Fuel Doctor. I’ll be recommending you to my friends and family.”

Ellen Westcott in Birmingham left us with a lovely comment:

“I was on my way to a wedding in Birmingham with my family when I accidentally put the wrong fuel into my BMW X3. I thought it was a total disaster and that the engine would be ruined as I had tried to start the car with petrol in it instead of diesel. I called Wrong Fuel Doctor after finding their site with my iPhone and called them out to help. The engineer who came out was so kind and courteous and really knew his stuff. He arrived quickly and had the job done quickly as well so that we were not late for the wedding. All in all, I had a great experience of using this company, they really saved the day for us and they weren’t expensive either.”

Martin Wellman in Manchester left a message to say:

“Thanks guys. You were brilliant yesterday. I was in a right pickle there as my car had broken down near the hard shoulder and I know my car was causing a hazard for the other motorway users as the back end was sticking out into the slow lane. When I called, your guy said he would prioritise my case and get someone there pronto. I was amazed at how quick “pronto” was, I’ll bet it wasn’t even 20 minutes. I felt a bit daft for having put in the wrong fuel, but the engineer who arrived was very matter of fact about it and explained that it’s very common. He didn’t waste any time in getting the car over onto the hard shoulder properly and then doing the fuel drain on it. I was on my way in less than an hour and I thought I’d be there all night! Excellent job, well done Wrong Fuel Doctor.”

If you need emergency assistance with a wrong fuel problem, call our team now on 0845 644 7991.

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